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Humanising brands

Looking to shape your brand story with the power of art, psychology, and business? Recollect Studios, a leading branding agency.

Recollect studios best branding agency Egypt
Recollect studios is one of the top branding agency in Egypt that provides brand strategy, positioning, brand naming, visual identity creation
recollect studios best branding agency in Egypt and the gulf
Recollect Studios- top branding agency in Egypt
recollect studios best branding agency in Egypt
best Branding Agency in Egypt -branding and marketing agencies in egypt -brand strategy agency
Recollect Studios Solutions

Where Creativity Meets Bravery

Thrive in the crowd with Recollect Studios, the best branding agency in Egypt. Our visionaries uncover impactful insights and craft bespoke branding solutions, designing a brand marked with your singular fingerprint.

Explore our suite of branding solutions.

Strategy & Positioning

Communicate your brand's unique value. Your brand strategy development should resonate with your audience, inspiring them to act.

Brand Naming

Stick to your audience's minds. Exploit the power of your brand name to deliver your mission and story.
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Identity Creation

Present your brand, service, and products in a relevant and timeless way. Lead the competition with unique aesthetics.
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Creative Consulting

Get empowered to drive your success. Articulate your brand pillars, and better understand your position and tools.
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Recollect Studios Awards

Award-Winning Branding Agency

By harnessing creativity and strategic thinking, we drive brand success. Our passion for building compelling brand identities has earned us widespread recognition continuing to be a leading branding agency in Egypt

Visual Identity Creation

Runner up as the most attractive branding agency in Egypt and the Middle East in SortList’ Regional Competition.

Visual Identity Creation

Nominated as one of the top 5 most attractive branding agencies in the Middle East. Sortlist.

Recollect Studios Approach

Dare To Stand Out

Cultivate trust and distinction, whatever your industry. You are more than what you sell. Our name is a reminder of our mission of humanising brands with holistic brand strategy development.

Recollect studios -best branding agency in egypt


We worked with Nafis on the Naming, Brand Story, Brand Strategy, and the Visual identity.



The challenge was to work on a new brand story and visual identity that would communicate the brand’s value and repsition it smoothly.


WAVZ, is one of the Egyptian Post projects and it was our mention to turn PFS Post For Systems into WAVZ.

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